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Is Roasting Cyberbullying ? The Youtube V Tiktok Controversy

Updated: Jan 11

By – Raunak Verma

Words scar… Rumors destroy… Bullies Kill….

Roasting is a cyber bullying offence the popular act ‘Roasting’ someone, in mainstream media is to publically humiliate a person in such a way that it appears comedic. it can be a vile and disrespectful act, when the bully curiously roast his victims. I would classifty this as bullying because the aim is to get the victim to feel badly about themselves.An eminent criminologist Dr.Jaishankar in his book “Cyber Bullying Profile and Policy Guidelines” Defines cyberbullying as , Abuse / harrassment by teasing or insulting the victim’s body shape, intellect, family background, dressing sense,mother tongue, place of origin attitude race caste of class using modern telecommunication networks such as Mobile phones and internet.

When one person roasts another person they cannot cross a particular line if they do so it is an offence. Roast is a form of bullying that often mistaken for rumour between friends

The famous YouTube versus tiktok controversy took out the serious issue of roasting or cyberbullying we need to understand that no type of roasting behaviour can be condoned whether done with good intention for fun or for entertainment it can create a deep hurting effect for the victim it is becoming an increasingly common cause of depression, self harming behaviour and even suicide.

War was started by Aamir but the other must have confirmed to widely standard of ethics and public order.

article 19 (1) of the constitution gives us the freedom of speech and expression but there are some reasonable restriction that comes along. We cannot forget the restrictions of public order, decency and mortality. The use of abusive or curse words, body-shaming, sexist slurs etc during roasting hurt sentiment of various sections of society and also do not conform with decency and morality. An act of insulting a person with an aim to degrade him/her cannot be treated as an act for fun. Another example of bullying hidden in the name of roast is AIB knockout. It was a live show organised on January 2015 where eminent Bollywood personalities were roasted. The program features distasteful, sexist, offending and humiliating content.

There are various penal provisions that punishes such online menace like section 292 A, 354 A, 354D, 499, 507 further section 67 66 and 67 A of Information Technology act 2000 also deals with such issues

we people are equally responsible to propagate such behaviour in the name of comedy. It is good to call out bad or content and laugh at it but laughing at someone due to your own prejudice is definitely not accepted as a part of democracy.

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