• Amrita Mohanty

Importance of Experience in Judicial Services

Updated: Jan 15

For years and years, the judicial aspirants are trying to give their best in the judicial exams right after completing their courses. It might be bad news for them due to the delay i.e. going to be caused, but for the judicial system of the nation, it is a great decision.

The long list of pending cases and defunct courts are suffering due to the inexperienced judicial aspirants. However clear one might be in the bookish language, it takes some practical experience to get along with the working of the judicial system that one is put into.

It is being claimed in the plea that this lack of practice is resulting in a typical behavior i.e. impolite as well as impractical when it comes to communicating with the Members of the Bar and litigants. It is also added that the judicial service personnel is unable to understand the aspirations and expectations of the Members of the Bar and the litigants.

However, looking at this plea from a professional point of view, the main issue that can be extracted is the issue of professional ethics that seems to be lacking due to inexperience. It's natural that when a person has practical experience/ground experience he/she takes better care in maintaining the much needed professional ethics while discharging his/her service.

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